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Product List
Company culture  
   1.Improve a source head
.Build up a good supply chain, train excellent employee
.Start to do from the source head management of     implementation ego.
.Arrive each section to guide and support mutually.
.With mold high-quality corporate culture.
2.Concern process
.Walk into the spot, confirm real object
.Establish core homework process.
.Shortenning the abnormality handles time limited efficacy.
.Integrating each factory quality improves a solid example information terrace.

3.Pursue outstanding
.The persistence meets the need of customer quality
.Combine the declaration of the green product instruction of the implementation RoHS.
.Construct or purchase top-grade manufacturing system in the world.
.Integrate quality cost structure, promote a company competition ability.

Our mission

Carrying out the technique breakthrough keeps quality to lead to create industry high peak

Our policy

Strictly manage wreath wreath a control to keep on improvement customer satisfied

Our aim

Win a market by quality to win customer to win a performance by scale by service  



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