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Company introduction  
   In the Suzhou section's creating the limited company of the hardware ware is waited by the medium section hospital academician joint venture establish, concentrate on creating The new development produces high level  stalk product, and apply for to establish stalk go Industry association.

Association set the purpose for setting up mainly has:
1.Absorb  a large hinge manufacturer to participate, strengthen profession troops, better development business and exaltation to invest a repay rate continuously.
2.Share a resources, look for an appropriate solution to help the completion work of our half effort and double results ground:
A.The resources shares in the technique B.The customer carries a resources share
3.Reduce each other not the civilization compete, setting up right marketing idea and marketing strategy.
4.Decline low cost, obtain the best benefits.

Suzhou CSF Metal Product Co., Ltd main business:

Hinge :Link stalk of electronics, electric appliances, calculator, information, correspondence, camera, instrument etc.Line and plank spring coil product;The precise steel mold products.

Main guest:
Wistron, Matsushita, Sony, Taian, Twin Head, AT&T, Canon, Casio,Nidec Copal, Georg Voss, Mitsubishi, Samsung, Sanyo, SMK, Shilips,Mitac, Compal, FIC, CLEVO, GVC, Arima, Asus, Acer, Quanta, Capetronic,Plantronic, Schneider, LG, Apple, Dell, Kyocera, ...etc.

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